Hospital Furniture

Tychemed Product Range of Hospital and Medical Furniture is completely designed by our very able design engineers. Made of the best quality raw material available in the Indian market.

ICU beds and Patient bed Hospital Furniture

This is a very common question which people often ask. What is the Tychemed product range and what is your Hospital and medical Furniture? Determined by the Government of India, according to the quality of hospitals, Products are manufactured under Product Range such as ICU beds and Patients Beds Hospital Furniture. At Tychemed we manufacture the following:

ICU and Patient Bed Hospital Furniture

Hospital Furniture

These include the very durable and strong ICU and Patient Bed made of MS and SS. Either Epoxy Powder Coated or Baked Paint. This range includes Semi Fowler Bed having a single function of Head End raise. Full Fowler Beds having Both Head End raise and Foot End raise. Moving further we provide Three Function High/Low Beds and Five Function Beds which include the Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions. These beds can be both Manual and electrically operated. View our Beds catalog click Here.

Patient Room Furniture

patient room furniture

It is one of the most important aspects of any hospital. This Patient Room Furniture has to be aesthetically appealing along with durability and functionality. The various types of Baby cots and Baby beds are included in this along with Bed Side Lockers, Over Bed Tables. Which are also called food tables, Bed Side screens and heavy-duty IV stands made of the finest quality of Stainless Steel. View Our Patient room Furniture catalog

OPD Furniture

out deppt patient furnirure

OPD Furniture is where a lot of movement is there and is used numerous times every day. All kinds of Examination Tables, including Gynae, and generally along with a highly useful examination Couch are produced by us. Also in this category one may find, various Patient Stools, Dust Bins, Kick Buckets, Oxygen Trolleys for various sizes of Oxygen Cylinders and the all-important Crash Carts. View our OPD Furniture Click Here

OT Furniture or Operating Room Furniture

OT Furniture

Our OT Furniture or Operating Room Furniture, Apart from the latest OT Table and LED OT Lights. We are also manufacturing in bulk various sizes of Instrument Trolley and Dressing Trolley. For surgeries which go a long time, Surgeons love our specially designed stools and chairs. Endoscopy Trolley with height variable shelves is specially designed as per the equipment of the user. Click Here for View catalog

Patient Transport Systems and Holloware

patient transfer trolley

Depending upon where the Stretcher Trolleys are to be used. We produce stretchers in both MS and SS in Patient Transport Systems. Apart from the Very versatile Labor Table cum Trolley, we also make the latest high tech, Hydraulic Emergency Trolley with various functions. Write to us for various kinds of Holloware too. view transport Products catalog and Holloware

Emergency Products

emergency products

This unique range of products is used in both Hospital and Rescue environments. These are currently being used vastly with the Defense and police services. The various emergency products are Spinal Boards with the Head Immobilizers. Collapsible Ambulance Stretchers can be operated by one person. Scoop Stretchers, Foldable Stretchers for offices and open spaces. First Aid kits which range from small kits for handbags to big Industrial Kits. And lastly, our very popular AED cabinet which is currently employed in hundreds of locations. View our Emergency Products catalog.

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