Hospital Bed Mattress

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Brand Tychemed
Mattress Available with as per bed
Air Mattress With 130 Individual Air Bubbles
Show Premium Design with comfortable and quality
Durable Heavy-Duty Medical Grade PVC
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Hospital beds do not complete without a Hospital Bed Mattress. We have available all types of function beds mattress and Hospital Function beds. Many of our customers also use these patient beds at home, which is also the best design for homes.

Hospital Bed Mattress Specifications

Our medical bed mattress specifications are as pe bed. Fowler bed, Function bed, plain bed or any  ICU bed mattress is available as per bed.

Fowler mattress


Hospital Air mattress

  • Premium Design: Best Alternating Pressure Mattress With 130 Individual Air Bubbles, For Even Support And Weight Displacement. Ultra Quiet Pump.
  • Comfortable: Variable Pressure Dial For Precise Air Flow, And Restful Sleep.
  • Pain Relief: Alternating Pressure Mattress Helps Prevention And Also Relieve Pain From Sore Spots, Pressure Spots, And Pressure Ulcers.
  • Durable: Heavy-Duty Medical Grade Pvc Will Hold Up To 130 Kgs. Flexible Non-Binding Hose




Additional information

Simple Bed Mattress as per bed


Air Mattress



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